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Wines and liquors from Calabria exhibiting at Barracuda


From  March 24th 2022 Barracuda has been exhibiting wines and liquors from Calabria!

The initiative is part of the project “Calabria Region Comes to the UAE”, created by the collaboration between the Calabria Region and the Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE, with the co-participation of Confartigianato Calabria.

The project for the internationalization of Calabrian companies in the Wines and Spirits sector sees the participation of 11 companies: Farneto del Principe, Chimento, Qual’itay, Imperium, Distilleria F.lli Caffo, Acroneo, Cantine Bruni, Linardi, Cantine Greco, Cantine Artese, L’acino.

Starting from March 31st Barracuda will close for Ramadan one month. At the reopening there will be a new arrangement of products and Barracuda will provide a sommelier who will give interested customers the opportunity to taste all the Calabrian wines and spirits

We invite all our partners to take part in the initiative!

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