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Newsletter 18/2018


Stay tuned with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE!

Al Fresco Dubaial fresco dubai

is launching its new menu! Don’t miss it!

Chef Gabriele Pezzimenti
Al Fresco Dubai

Crown Plaza, Trade Centre Area – Dubai
Tel: 00971 800276963
Web-Site: www.fundining.ae

aperitivo milanese - LuigiaMartedì, 25 Settembre
dalle 19:00 alle 22:00

L’aperitivo, l’amata tradizione milanese, è la scusa perfetta per riunirsi con gli amici ed assaporare ottimi drink e piatti tutti italiani.
Vista l’enorme richiesta, Luigia ospiterà un’altra notte di aperitivi il 25 settembre. Chi ha preso parte all’aperitivo di Ferragosto, sa di cosa stiamo parlando. In caso contrario, questa è la tua occasione per provare un autentico aperitivo italiano. 120 AED a persona con buffet di piatti italiani e una bevanda italiana.

A selection of news articles that featured in official publications in UAE and Italy related to the business, economy and culture of the two countries.

4 clicks to competitiveness4 click per la competitività

In a landmark decision announced by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED), companies based in the capital’s free zones will be able to operate in the mainland under a dual license, which will reduce the cost of doing business, improve the Emirate’s competitiveness as well as attract more foreign companies to the Emirate.
As by analysts and businessmen’s opinion, will be beneficial for some of the mains sectors of the Emirate’s economy, such services, trading, FMCG and financial consultancies.

Source: Khaleej Times

Cambia il modo di viaggiareKeeping it short and sweet

The days when residents would settle for a month-long vacation once a year – often back to their home countries – are now a distant memory, signaling a shifting trend in the Region’s traveling industry. Experts notices that young travelers seek out new destinations that are still not very commercialized and are off the beaten track; yet close enough for shorter trips of higher frequency”. On the other hand, he noted that families still prefer to embark on one or two long vacations every year.
A recent study by Visa also revealed that UAE residents have been taking 4.8 international trips in the last two years. But, this number is slated to increase to 5.4 international trips in the next two years.

Source: Khaleej Times

Home is where the loan is

The vast majority of mortgage transactions in Dubai are new purchases by end-users and final handover payments for completed developments. Although property prices were falling last year, most buyers decided to hold off. With the market bottoming out a lot of those buyers have returned to the market now and bought property, the majority of client inquiries are for handover payments to developers who ha launched creative payment schemes to lure buyers from completed to off-plan stock.
The average mortgage size in Dubai in the current market is Dh 1.5 mln. It’s a first home purchase, the loan amount is restricted to 75% of the market price if the property is priced less than Dh 5mln.

Source: Khaleej Times

Expo needs 23.000 more volunteersL'EXPO HA BISOGNO DI 23.000 PIÙ VOLONTARI

As many as 7.000 volunteers have already been registered to be a part of the Expo 2020 experience in Dubai. but with more than 23.000 additional spots still available, the newly-opened House of Volunteers is now welcoming hopeful applicants to take part in a short interview to become part of the team. If you want to become part of the Expo 2020 team, all you have to do is register an application at volunteers.ae
If successful, you will then be called forward for a “casual and friendly” 20-minute interview. The criteria is simple: you just have to be 18 or over. No skills of qualifications needed and hours are flexible. Calling volunteers a fundamental part of the Expo to inculcate five values: be respectful, committed, knowledgeable, energetic and just yourself.

Source: Khaleej Times

Torna la Fitness Challenge Fitness challenge is back. Are you ready?

THE Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is back again for a second year and that means one thing – the city is about to turn into one giant activity playground and gym. And it’s all for free. Following the huge success of the inaugural challenge in 2017, launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, its conclusion date on November 18 last year, herald a new beginning in fitness across the city. In total, residents clocked up 2.5 bln moves in just 30 days.
Running from October 19 to November 17, gyms, yoga studios and popular resident hotspots will be among some of the many places opening their doors to residents who want to get involved.

Source: Khaleej Times

UAE drivers halal tourism

Driven by the UAE, halal tourism is projected to grow further in the coming years due to an increase in the Muslim population and the rise of the middle class in Muslim-majority countries. A new study had revealed that UAE residents are the world’s highest spenders of halal tourism outside the Country, spending Dh 64.6 bln last year; they are followed by Saudi Arabian travelers which are ranked second with Dh 59 bln spend and by Kuwaiti travelers at Dh 38 bln.
The study’s findings revealed that the global Muslim travel segment is currently valued at an estimated Dh 660.6 bln and is forecast to reach Dh 807.4 bln by 2020.

Source: Khaleej Times

CrociereSmooth sailing

It has been a dream of many to take a cruise
around the world and see the various places that
they have only dreamed or hear before. Now, with
work that is being done at various ports across
the UAE, and especially in Dubai, experts say
that the country is sure to earn a top spot on an
international list of must-see cruise destinations.
The cruise tourism is actually one of the fastest-
growing segments of Dubai’s tourism industry,
with the city being among the worlds leading
winter cruise destinations. Key to this growth is the Hamdan bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal at Mina Rashid that is set to be the largest terminal in the world, capable of handling 18.000 passengers a day.

Source: Khaleej Times

Special – Saudi Arabia

175 projects to define UAE, Saudi Future

The Executive Committee of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council et in Jeddah on Saturday to review progress in the implementation of strategic projects and identified 175 initiatives which will define the future. The UAE and Saudi Arabia constitute a model for full integration and harmony as they share common visions on a host of issues of mutual interest. In June, the two countries announced a joint vision for economic, developmental and military integration through 44 joint strategic projects. A total of 350 government officials from 139 government, sovereign and military entities prepared “The Strategy of Resolve” within 12 months.

Source: The Big5 Hub

L'Arabia Saudita si prepara a battere due record mondiali durante il giorno nazionaleSaudi Arabia prepares to break two guinness world record on national day

Saudi Arabia is preparing to break a Guinness world
record by launching 900.000 fireworks
simultaneously from 58 platforms in 13 provinces to
mark the 88th Saudi National Day on September 23.
The fireworks will form the green background of the
Saudi flag, in front of which 300 drones will create a
laser image of its white horizontal sword and the
Shahada and this will break another Guinness world
record in forming the largest flag in the world. To
celebrate the National Day, government bodies and authorities have joined forces to develop a comprehensive festive program, including activities and events to be held in all Saudi cities, provinces and regions.

Source: Arab News


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