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Newsletter 08/2018


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Newsletter 08/2018
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A selection of news articles that featured in official publications in UAE and Italy related to the business, economy and culture of the two countries. 

Newsletter 08/2018

The UAE took a long way in beefing up and developing its human rights records, to officials said during a human rights forum held in Dubai on Sunday. The UAE Ministry of Interior (MoL) organizes the Human Rights Forum themed “Efforts and Protection”. As part of its effort to boost and maintain human rights in the Country and its outstanding participation in regional and international events, the Ministry of Interior helped feature the Country’s records in this field and has met all regional and global obligations. The UAE has ranked 1st, topping all Arab Countries, amd 21st globally in the Happiness index, according to the World Happiness Report for 2017. the UAE also topped the Middle East region and ranked 33rd globally in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index for 2016.
Source: Khaleej Times

Prospect for UAE job seekers look bright and strong as companies increase their headcount amid growth in oil and non oil sectors. While 80% of job seekers also expect the business conditions to improve helping them to land a decent job in the coming months. The bright prospects is due to rise in oil prices, which have been averaging $60 per barrel over the last six month, as well as growth in Dubai’s non-oil sector and impact of infrastructure spending for Expo2020. The results showed that the jobs related to finance, human resources and marketing will be in demand.
Source: Khaleej Times

Bolstering its portfolio of world class, investment worthy art, its non-commercial thought-leadership program makes Art Dubai on of the most extensive in the world of art and design fairs. Though education and commissioning local designers and artists, the fair has firmly established itself at the top f the leader board. Whether you are an artist, an art collector or an enthusiast, Myma Ayad’s selection is bound to lead you onto the soul – satisfying path of cultural revelation and a greater appreciation of the arts.

Newsletter 08/2018

Spread over two halls are 78 galleries from 42 countries that showcase contemporary art from around the world with new energies coming from Iceland, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kazakhstan. This is the platform to discover trends and take the pulse of today through young talents whose careers are launched at Art Dubai and also established, recognized artists.

Newsletter 08/2018


Art Dubai invites 11 artists from nine countries to spend between four to eight weeks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to immerse themselves and engage with the landscape on social, cultural and artist fronts, the fruit of their time in the UAE will be exhibited through their representative galleries in this novel section f the fair.


This is the venue which showcases the work of 20th Century masters operating primary between the 1940s-1980s and no one can narrate history or tell a story quite like modernist do. This year, Modern marks its largest edition to date with 16 galleries from 14 countries.

Hale Tanger will reveal his installation, Under 2018 in The Yard during Art Week. A vernacular material will cover the existing buildings within the space of the avenue where visitors will be invited to enter. Under 2018, is related to a fictional narrative of an ancient hunting ploy by aristocrats that would restrict the height birds could fly, by trapping birds under a net until they believed it was permanently there. Even after the net was removed, the bird’s flight would remain restricted as if they had forgotten that the sky has no limits. Tanger’s installation comments on the physical and psychological effects of modernity on human behavior and control.
Source: Gulf News and Emirates Women

Following the results obtained by the Fashion Trend Observatory of American Express which analyzed the fashion trend in Italy for the 2017, the beautiful city on the lagoon recorded an increase of the sells of 14%. Good results also for Naples which recorded a growth of 11% and young people (with an age between 18 and 35 years old) which increased their purchases by an amount of 43% with respect to the results of the previous year. Foreign people, in particular, encourage the growth in shopping almost the 30% of the purchasing comes from non resident people (28%), which address themselves especially towards Luxury Fashion Shops. Venice and Naples are followed by two cities of the Nord-West, Turin and Milan, which record an increase in the purchasing of, respectively, 10% and 9%, overtaking the supremacy of Florence (+6%) that, this year, falls at the 5th position.

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