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Italian beaches’ selection

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Italy offers several opportunities for young people, spread all around the Country. It is not so difficult to combine an amazing sea, homey beaches and night life…so, let’s have a look!



Tropea, Calabria
Amazing beaches, crystal water, natural attractions like the popular Grotta Azzurra: Tropea is even more. Its famous village nestled on the cliff overlooking the sea offers to young people several opportunities to enjoy sun and night life!

san benedetto del tronto

San Benedetto del
Tronto, Marche
San Benedetto del Tronto represents the most important location of the Riviera delle Palme since 15 years it is recognize as a Blue Flag Beach and perfectly mix together maritime relax and night life. In addition, it offers beauties such Torre dei Gualtieri and Santa Maria della Marina Cathedral.


Alghero, Sardegna
The amazing location called Riviera del Corallo accommodates wonderful beaches: in Alghero you can find Le Bombarde, Mugoni, Lazzaretto and Cala dell’Argentiera with an enviable sea.

milano marittima


Milano Marittima, Emilia Romagna
Entertainment place par excellence, Milano Marittima is every year the choose destination for thousand of young people that love to sunbathe in the afternoon and have fun in the dozens of clubs during the evening…



Ischia, Campania
Amazing island in the Archipelago of the Philegrean Islands, Ischia, in addition to a wonderful sea, can also boast a very interesting city: Aragonese Castle, Museums, Spas, Parks and breathtaking sunsets and a night life full of opportunities and fun!

Gallipoli, Puglia

Gallipoli, Puglia

Known as “la Perla dello Ionio” (Ionio’s Pearl), Gallipoli offers a night life that has nothing to do with the ones of Riccione and of the Riviera Romagnola: it starts from the aperitifs on the beach, passing through popular cocktail bars and ending in one of the clubs of the town.

Jesolo, Veneto


Jesolo, Veneto
Another perfect location for the night owls: Jesolo is full of clubs and discotheques. After spending the day at the beach of at Aqualandia Water Park, the evening could start with an aperitif at Capannina Beach and then proceeds to the popular Muretto.

Taormina, Sicilia


Taormina, Sicilia
Town in the province of Messina, well known for its amazing sea, for the natural landscapes and its historical landmarks. In addition, Taormina is loved by  young people for the extraordinary night life.

forte dei marmi


Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, Toscana
Viareggio, but also the near Forte dei Marmi, is full of clubs and discotheques: thousand of youths coming from all around Italy use to come here to spend nice holidays or just a weekend, tasting the mood of the location, most of the time full of VIP.

Isola d’Elba, Toscana


Isola d’Elba, Toscana
We end with another location from Tuscany Region so loved by Italian and foreign youth: we talk about Isola d’Elba, which offers natural landscapes, an amazing sea and dozens of night clubs as well.


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