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Zoom meeting on food sector with Truebell


In the United Arab Emirates from April 24 2020, many economic activities saw a recovery, as you can also read in the news reported on the site.
To quickly grasp the effects of the recovery, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, on April 28, 2020, organized a Meeting via ZOOM (free of charge) on the food sector in the UAE dedicated to Italian companies.

The meeting saw the participation of more than 100 users (maximum number granted by the used app), and the effective participation of a slightly lower number. Many of the participants were lawyers and accountants who usually collaborate with the Chamber, and thanks to which the invitation has also been extended to many interested companies.
The guest and speaker was Bhushant Ghandi, COO of Truebell, one of the leading Italian food distributors in the UAE.

The meeting lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which Mr. Bhushant recounted the entrepreneurial experience of this company and his point of view on developments for the Food sector in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf countries.
He also responded to numerous questions asked by the participating companies, a lot related to the food products mostly requested in the UAE, transport, customs aspects and the performance of the sector in this lockdown period.

Mr. Bhushant Ghandi from Truebell Marketing & Trading LLC


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