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Worldwide Distribution Center


Worldwide Distribution Center based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, endeavors to be “Your One Stop Place for Multicultural and General Market Products.”

The company principals has over decades of experience in distribution of FMCG. Worldwide Distribution Center (WDC FZCO) is a leading Multi Product, Multi Activity distribution company located in the United Arab Emirates with global reach.

The company represents such well-known companies as Himalaya Herbals, Unilever, Imperial Dax, Namaste Laboratories, Luster Products, Dr. Miracle’s, Fruit of the Earth, WIPRO-UNZA, Strength of Nature Co., J. Strickland, just to name a few.

Using brand new, state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility and fleet of modern delivery vehicles, WDC FZCO distributes its line of products in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East, North Africa and CIS countries. During the years of successful work and dynamic development, they have developed their own principles, based on constantly refined system of customer service, modern inventory management system, extensive dealer network, highly skilled staff and focus on product needs of our customers.

With the experience of high level sales professionals, they have been proved as a reliable business partner to the companies they represent. The team of 31 strong sales professionals drive our growth and distribution across our foot print. Each of our sale professionals have their own network of retailers that they constantly work with in order to best represent the products of our company. Its size allows them to recognize outstanding new ideas quickly and gives them the ability to make timely decisions and move with great speed in developing an idea or adapting to diverse and ever changing customer need.



P.O. Box 18005, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Tel : +971 4 887 1272