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What UAE residents should know before travelling this summer


Starting June 23, UAE residents will be able to travel abroad, as per new guidelines released this week.
The UAE had closed its borders to international travel in March as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of Covid-19.
This left hundreds of thousands of residents stranded abroad in various countries.
The country is now gearing to reopen its borders to those who wish to return, as well as those who wish to travel to low-risk destinations.

What criteria do passengers need to meet in order to travel out of the UAE?

* All citizens and residents travelling out of the UAE will need to use the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website to register for the Twajudi service.
*  They must ensure that they meet all requirements of the destination they’re flying to, including pre-travel check-up, health insurance, and adherence to quarantine or tracking programmes/apps.
* They will also need to fill out the traveller’s health status form.
* They must also abide by all precautionary measures at the airport, such as wearing masks and gloves and maintaining social distance.

Will I be required to complete a medical check before departure?

Yes. All travellers are required to undergo a Covid-19 test before they travel, as per the latest directive from the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority. Only passengers who have tested negative will be allowed to travel.

My father is 70 years old. Can he travel back to his home country?

People over the age of 70 will not be allowed to travel. Those with chronic diseases are also discouraged from travelling.

What should I do if I experience any symptoms after my travel?

* Passengers are encouraged to monitor themselves for symptoms of Covid-19.
* In case you experience any symptoms, head to the nearest medical centre for emergency testing.
* UAE citizens are required to notify the UAE embassy in the destination country if they experience any symptoms.

What procedure must passengers travelling into the UAE follow?

* Passengers flying into the UAE must download and activate the AlHosn app.
*They must follow UAE quarantine guidelines and testing procedures. These will vary depending on the destination the traveller is returning from.
* They must be mindful to follow the federal and local guidelines for Covid-19.

Fonte: Khaleej Times


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