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UAE: What is a “lifetime investor visa?”

UAE: What is a “lifetime investor visa?”


Dubai: Are you looking to set up a company in the United Arab Emirates? “Get a Lifetime Investor Visa!” is an offer that will be made to you by several business setup consultants in the UAE. But what does it really mean?

So when business incorporation companies offer a “lifetime visa” or “lifetime investor visa”, they essentially offer to help with the process of paying the visa renewal costs on your behalf, every two or three years. Because? Because they can cover the administrative cost for that within the other charges you pay, which are incurred when and when your business license is renewed. The offering is essentially a marketing tactic employed by business configuration consultants, offering a package of services, according to Sirajudeen Ummer, head of public relations with Dubai-based First Gate Business Services.

“Some business centers provide such offers, as visa renewal costs are quite low, especially for the three-year investor visa. Centers pay that cost, instead of the client, and upon renewal they will receive office rent, sponsorship fee and other renewal costs from the client. This is how they take into account the visa renewal costs for the client within their services, “Ummer said. With the visa renewal costs, including the Emirati identification application, for an investor visa three years at around Dh845 in Dubai, this is a cost they can easily absorb, Ummer added.

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