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UAE community steps forward to help Covid coup Staff / Dubai report


The “Together We Are Good” campaign of the Social Contribution Authority (Ma’an), which was launched in Abu Dhabi during Covid-19, has helped raise 438 million Dh of funds and over 600 million Dh600 in kind within 100 days.

“Having sustained such a positive momentum and helping so many people was beyond what we thought possible, and through our unity and selfless actions, we have created a wonderful legacy that we can all be rightly proud of.”

Over 27 million healthy meals were distributed to workers in 35 complexes; 1,744 first-line health workers benefited from accommodation in hotels and villas; Over 20,000 baskets of high-quality, nutritious and healthy essential food and kitchen items, including rice, pasta, dates, beans, tea, jam and noodles, were distributed among 40,000 people.

Additionally, 24 government agencies have stepped up to donate over 4,000 laptops and tablets to help children continue their home education. The program has financially supported more than 8,000 students to ensure continuity of education.

Employees from Mubadala, Arkan and Emirates Steel also donated part of their monthly salaries to the program. With 96 contributing community groups and over 6,000 people volunteering, the “Together We Are Good” program reflects the true values ​​of social cohesion and unity in Abu Dhabi. ”

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