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Tipicità takes off with Di Maio and embraces half the world: “Network model between the public, buyers and companies”


FERMO – The phigytal edition of the Made in Marche festival opens between cameras and control room that allows the director Angelo Serri to reach every corner of the world, since connected there are French, German, American, Arab and Canadian Chinese every initiative. After so many virtual contacts, the governor Francesco Acquaroli did not want to miss the presence.

“While waiting for the Fermo Forum to come back to live with people, Tipicità travels for kilometers and makes itself present” explains Angelo Serri. In front of him, in addition to the monitor, there are also Gino Sabatini, president of the chamber of commerce, and the honorable Mirella Emiliozzi who is responsible for reading a message from the foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio. “I look forward to reviewing the symbiosis between the public, buyers and companies, returning to feel the flavors of our land and admire the know-how of the Marche. In a year I’m sure we will all be here ” underlines the mayor Paolo Calcinaro.


The Member of Parliament Emiliozzi is sure, Marche will start running again: “In the first place to be reborn is culture, the means by which a community identifies and affirms itself; then tourism, which makes the beauties of the place visible; productive activities; innovation that must also enter into traditions. All this will be helped by the Government, with a communication campaign on Made in Italy which is in the start-up phase ”.

It was she who involved Di Maio who wrote a message: “Typicality is an expression of contents that convey Italy to the world. We must make the best use of digital to show the world our manufacturing, unique and inimitable techniques. Important international events await us, I am thinking of the G20, of the world summits on health and nutrition. In the coming months we will have to win the challenge of relaunching and we will do it starting from the wonderful Marche to all of Italy “.

Mauro Marzocchi, secretary general of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai will also be the protagonist on Tuesday at 12, during an economic focus. ” I talked a few days ago with Sabatini. It is not a question of Expo, with Tipicità and Marche we have been talking for years. We also want to be a player in the second half. Dubai is a destination country for exports, we are talking about 1.5 billion in exports. Clearly 2020 has experienced a major decline. tourists are recovering thanks to a very fast vaccination campaign. We are ready to bring the Marche to a high level. Some sectors are important: footwear and agri-food, which are two of the main realities of the Marche ”.

It should not be forgotten that Italy is the second European exporter after Germany, the seventh in the world. So we must be ready but also selective in choosing companies, guaranteeing value for money. 200 Italian restaurants in the emirates are a fundamental starting point “.

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