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SIMEST: non-repayable contributions to support exporting companies


Exporting companies, from 3 June 2021 on the dedicated portal, will have the opportunity to apply for a subsidized loan with relative non-repayable co-financing. This is precisely what makes it very attractive to companies, in fact the non-repayable grant can cover 50% of the application submitted.

Applications will be accepted in chronological order until the available resources are exhausted, so it is advisable to prepare the necessary documents in advance.

Below we will see what Simest’s subsidized finance measures provide (fund 394/81).

Non-repayable loans: operation, facilities provided

Simest, through the fund number 394/81, has published various tenders to facilitate companies interested in investing in international markets. This was also thought by the legislator to incentivize exporting companies during this pandemic period. In fact, for a recovery of the Italian economy it is essential to promote the internationalization of the companies of our country.

The non-repayable share provided by Simest is equal to 40-50% of the application submitted and the remainder will be part of a subsidized loan at the EU reference rate. Furthermore, the non-repayable grant, initially envisaged under the “de minimis” regime, is charged according to the ceilings of the “Temporary Framework” of 1,800,000€.

The facilitation lines introduced during 2020 have not been changed, this is also due to the enormous success this loan had last year, in fact, since January 1, 2020, almost 8000 applications have been accepted.

The subsidized finance measures provided for all companies in joint stock companies are capitalization, inclusion or expansion in foreign markets, the Temporary Export Manager, e-commerce, trade fairs / exhibitions, technical assistance programs, feasibility studies in foreign countries.

All these loans will be subsidized directly by Simest through the 394/81 fund. For all the previous measures, the possibility of submitting multiple applications is also envisaged, except for the line on capitalization which can be requested only once from a company. About the capitalization measure, Italian trade fair bodies and national companies organizing trade fair events will be able to access the one dedicated to them to support the trade fair system.