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The Services Catalog of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of the United Arab Emirates (IICUAE of Dubai) favors the establishment of relations between the Chamber and its customers (Companies, PA) on the basis of transparent and clear criteria. The Catalog describes the activities in support of the internationalization of Italian companies and territories, defining their management and delivery principles. Although not exhaustive, the Catalog offers the Company and Public Administrations a picture of the services offered and their costs. The costs expressed in the Catalog, however, are to be considered as average reference values ​​and cannot replace a specific estimate that will be provided when requesting the service.


  • Assist the customer through free and paid services, ranging from first orientation information on the single market to specific support for positioning and consolidation strategies of Italian companies on the foreign market, as well as local ones who want to collaborate with Italian SMEs.
  • Create events and match-making activities to give companies the opportunity to meet foreign counterparts to whom they can present proposals for productive, technological and commercial collaboration.
  • Promote and enhance the excellence of the Italian territory, spreading its peculiarities and know-how also through the realization of missions of groups of companies, production districts, abroad, or incoming mission of foreign companies and operators directly on the territories where the Italian companies operate.
  • Provide skills on how to operate in the country, through targeted training interventions for individual companies and / or professionals; or through training internships also in collaboration with the main Italian and foreign universities.


In order to ensure quality services, we are committed to regularly guaranteeing:

  • competence
  • clarity
  • courtesy
  • confidentiality
  • impartiality

The provision of our services is based on:

  • satisfaction of requests
  • timeliness
  • transparency of procedures



1.a First orientation of the market
  • country / sector market analysis
  • information dossiers on regulations (customs, tax, incentives)
  • information on fairs and events
1.b Country presentation


2.a Events
  • gala dinner, networking events
  • autonomous events
2.b Communication
  • advertisements in magazines and electronic media
  • press conferences, media relations
  • media campaigns (company launch, products)


  • identification and selection of partners / counterparties (importers, distributors, suppliers and strategic partners) with agenda for appointments


  • Interpreter / Translation
  • customs assistance
  • specialized assistance for developing entry strategies (targeted sub-sector and product surveys)
  • establishment of settlement tools (representative offices, project offices, branch offices and owned subsidiaries)
  • operational support in all phases of the installation (start up, logistical assistance, staff selection)
  • visa service
  • Italian company representation service
  • training
  • legal assistance (contracts, registration of trademarks and patents, etc.)
  • administrative, fiscal and tax assistance
  • extraordinary operations such as joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers
  • credit-arbitrage recovery


  • Project for a mission
  • Project with Representative


  • primary services
  • specific services
  • assistance services


Among the new strategies for commercial support to Italian companies, the IICUAE in Dubai has prepared two new ways of assisting companies in order to provide a service that is both effective and inexpensive for the company that is part of the collaboration project.

The Promotion and Representation Projects have in common the characteristic of being a medium-term accompaniment service to individual companies or groups of companies that are interested in the Emirate market.

In addition, the first phase of the project will be shared: for the first two months from the date of the start of the collaboration, there will be an awareness of the local operators to the profile and offer of the participating companies.

Promotional visits (carried out by one or more chamber resources) or representative visits (carried out by a representative agent, external to the Chamber), will be followed by an exhibition by the individual company, or group of companies, with possibly their products.

Within this phase, the main objective is the organization of B2B meetings between Italian entrepreneurs and local counterparts. At the end of this initial phase, the promotion and representation projects will take on different developments.

The Project with Promoter provides companies with assistance and continuity of presence in the country, supporting them for the next two months in the development of contacts and relationships with local counterparts met in the two days mentioned above of b2b.

The Project with Representation will include two months of representation of the company, with attention to pre-existing contacts and expansion of the portfolio of possible partners to new potential operators.

The Chamber could, if requested, support the companies involved in one or the other type of Project, and prepare and implement a business plan that allows it to establish itself in the reference market.

The main sectors in which these projects will be activated will be: Home & Furniture, Food & Beverage, Marketing & E-Commerce, Oil & Gas.