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Santo Passaia arrives in the UAE


On the 24th and 25th of February, the IICUAE, in the person of Camilla Francesca Martra and Carlotta Sterzi, have accompanied the representative of the Italian company Santo Passaia to meet the operators previously selected by the Chamber’s staff.

During the two days of the mission that were the end of the Progetto con Rappresentanza that was handled by the Business Development Manager Camilla Francesca Martra, there have been met 8 operators working in the Construction and Interior Design sectors.

The meetings, which have been done in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, have been positively evaluated and several have been the offers that Santo Passaia have received during the two days.

Santo Passaia, an Italian company specialized in the production of Made In Italy furniture, born in 1953 by the homonymous fonder which, after several experiences at important companies of furniture in Verona and in Germany, decides to start his own business and to produce furniture in Noce Nazionale di Alto Artigianato.

In the small shop there are produced, at the beginning, prototypes and unique pieces. In the Eighties, with the entry in the business of the sons Pier Angelo and Giovanni, it starts the collaboration with Arch. Luigi Bruno for the planning and the construction of wall systems and Boiserie.