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Thanksgiving for assistance related to the COVID-19 emergency


The moment is difficult for everyone and the Chamber is the first to be sensitive to everything that happens in Italy and on the spot. This attention is certainly tied to the social sphere but even more to the difficulties that the Italian economy and businesses are facing, including those operating abroad. Even the Chamber, as far as it was able, took steps to help our homeland.

In this regard, below you can find a letter that we want to share with you all:


Dear Mr. Marzocchi,
Dear Mr. Romano,

Hereby the undersigned Chamber of Commerce I.A.A. of Trento and the Trentino Federation of Cooperation would like to offer a heartfelt thanks for the valuable and timely support offered in the context of the checks related to the supply of COVID-19 emergency medical material.

In particular, the on-site intervention of Dr. Marzocchi on 18 and 19 March, also through Mr. Romano, was certainly very important for the success of the supply, contributing to the simplification and acceleration of the various phases. And this has allowed us to give an effective response to the urgent needs of our territory in this complex and difficult emergency situation that we are all experiencing.

Confident to be able to address these thanks in person on the first useful occasion, we are pleased to extend our best regards.

  THE SECRETARY GENERAL                                                                           THE GENERAL DIRECTOR
           (avv. Alberto Olivo)                                                                                      (dott. Alessandro Ceschi)



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