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Project: Italian Home Interiors & Infrastructure


The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE is always in the forefront in the search for opportunities and connections between the UAE and Italy.

The UAE market, thanks to its strong re-export vocation, has always been strategic for Italian companies.

Today, the construction industry is the backbone of the Emirati economy, which has allowed the sector to become a center of attraction for international investments.

Following our objective, we have launched the new project Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure. The concept at the base of the project is the creation of a digital B2B marketplace that can convey the excellence and authenticity of Italian quality abroad.

For this project we have selected the best Italian companies based on the combination of price / quality in different sectors and traditional industries: Construction, Furniture and components for home, office / Lighting / Technologies and Systems of Synification and many other categories.

If you want to find out more about Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure, you can visit the platform at the link below or contact us at info@iicuae.com