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Peri Davide, 5* Company, 22-23 of July 2018


On the 22nd and 23rd of July, Peri Davide, owner of the homonymous Farm, met 6 distributors of the food & beverage sectors between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company was followed by the IICUAE Representative for the 2018, Avv. Maria Grazia Galeotti.

Peri Davide, aziende da 5 stelle, 22-23 luglio 2018 2Since always, the high quality standards allow the farm producing cattle of the most prestigious races, which are forecast to a final level of sell which is high. Fundamental have been the genuineness of the meat reared, the reliability of the products which are selected and the professionalism of the staff. All the features allowed the company to reach the recognize as “proved meat reared”. The animals which are presented in the farm are exclusively feed with  cereals such quinoa, corn, bran, soy, straw and hay, for the major part produced in the company. The suitability of the food which are been used is always evaluated and the good quality of the used feeds is guaranteed following the law which regulate the food tractability.

Peri Davide, aziende da 5 stelle, 22-23 luglio 2018 3The typology of the meat which is offered by Peri Davide Farm had success with the operators that work in the niche sectors, being optimal for 58 Hotels and Italian restaurants.