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Newsletter April 2020


Stay tuned with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE!

A selection of news and articles on the Chamber of Commerce activity and some included in the official publications in the United Arab Emirates and in Italy relating to the business, economy and culture of the two countries.


Dear current and future Members,
As you well know, also from direct experience, this is a very difficult year for businesses and families.
For this reason, we must be united in facing it, trying to achieve a complicated balance between the primary good, health, and the economic interest.
This is the real challenge that awaits us internationally and, with particular attention, Italy, even if the numbers of the epidemic are getting better day by day.
Even if you will read it in the Newsletter, we must first of all highlight the great gesture of friendship that the UAE has just expressed to Italy. At the same time, we are also grateful to the Emirate government for the interventions promptly put in place in the country to control the phenomenon.
As a Chamber, we certainly have to adapt to a very difficult situation, but we want to emphasize that the Chamber’s team is active and, with new methods, ready to support the needs of entrepreneurs.
A series of initiatives will start next week to support local and Italian companies that want to approach the UAE, which we hope will contribute to planning the future of the companies themselves.
With specific reference to the new Members, we hope that they will be able to provide, through their membership, an effective contribution to the Chamber of Commerce activity.
In the short term we will send a questionnaire to better “survey” all our members and know their needs, so that we can provide more concrete and targeted assistance.
Finally, we wish to thank the whole members which, in this part of 2020, has seen a significant numerical increase confirming the prestige that the Chamber has acquired in recent years in the country and in Italy.
In conclusion, we want to warmly invite the local companies that read us to join the Chamber for 2020 in order to be able to overcome this terrible period all united.
Together, we can get through this; the Chamber is always by your side and at your complete disposal.

Best regards,

Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi

Vice President
Piero Ricotti

The support of the United Arab Emirates in Italy’s fight against Coronavirus


While the United Arab Emirates is currently dealing with the coronavirus outbreak within its borders, the nation hasn’t forgotten about other countries amid the battle against COVID-19, particularly Italy.

In fact, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a cargo with about 10 tons of medical supplies arrived in Italy, aimed at assisting Rome in the fight against Covid-19, in particular 10,000 hand sanitisers, 30,000 face masks and medical protective gowns, 500,000 gloves and 20,000 coronavirus tests.

The Emirati cargo plane arrived at the Italian airport of Fiumicino on the morning of April 6th, transporting medical aid which will benefit about 10,000 members of the Italian medical staff. The initiative is to be included with a view to Abu Dhabi’s commitment and collaboration with the countries affected by the coronavirus emergency, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the efforts made globally and curbing the advance of Covid-19 and its negative effects.

In this regard, the UAE ambassador to Italy, Omar Obaid al-Shamsi, said that what has been accomplished reflects the humanitarian approach of his country, which has characterized it since its establishment.

Mr Al Shamsi added that Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, was the first leader from outside the European Union to speak to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in early March, as the scale of the crisis became clear.

The Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, said that Emirate aid represents the symbol of solidarity between the two countries, as well as being a valuable aid for doctors, nurses and all health personnel, who will be able to save the lives of others by preserving, at the same time, their own.

Therefore, the minister thanked the UAE on behalf of all the Italian people, underlining how Italy will not forget those countries that have provided support in this time of difficulty, in which the crisis is not only health, but also economic and social.

“Thanks to my colleague Abdullah bin Zayed for the friendship and solidarity shown” Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Twitter in a message to the UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, “A gesture that we will not forget”.

Initiatives undertaken by the Emirates internationally include cooperation actions in the field of emergency assistance, alongside the World Health Organization (WHO), and the sending of medical supplies to various countries, including China, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Seychelles.

In the United Arab Emirates, according to data reported by the Khaleej Times[1] on April 14, the balance of infections from Covid-19 reached 4,521, of which 3,644 active, 852 recovered and 25 deaths. According to a report published by Step Feed, an Emirati billboard, the country enjoys the best health system in the Arab world. In 2019, Emirati healthcare is ranked 47th out of a total of 167 countries in the Legatum prosperity index, a private investment company.

The situation is the result of a developed economy, internal stability, high quality healthcare and the huge investments of the last few years in the medical-scientific and technological field. In recent weeks, the United Arab Emirates have allocated additional amounts to facilitate the development of cutting-edge mechanisms and structures, to address and prevent the spread of coronavirus, both for the health sector and for the daily life of the population. All in a “smart” perspective, which has seen the country act immediately and quickly. [2]

On the domestic side, on April 4th, Abu Dhabi government decided to extend the night curfew indefinitely, with the aim of carrying out sanitization operations in public places and stop the spread of the virus.

From April 5 to April 19 the obligation to stay at home was declared. Only the categories exempted of primary necessity can move. In parallel, the UAE and host Countries have requested to postpone the Dubai 2020 Expo, scheduled from 20 October to 10 April 2021. Among the new dates proposed, there are the 1st October 2021 and 31 March 2022.

From April 14, some activities listed below are now allowed to re-open:

[1] https://www.khaleejtimes.com/

[2] Sicurezza Internazionale: www. Sicurezzainternazionale.luiss.it, www.thenational.ea

Membership:  Italian Industry & Commerce office in the UAE (IICUAE)



Sign up to the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE (IICUAE).

Join the network of Partner Companies, take advantage of the services offered, the strong Networking activity and contribute to making the number of Made in Italy ambassadors abroad more and more qualified and numerous!

The Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE (IICUAE) is a non-profit and bilateral association which helps Italian companies operating both in Italy and in the UAE, and also Emirate companies developing strong business relationships with Italy.



Click on the link to access the association form https://iicuae.com/modulo-associativo. To find out all the advantages that the Chamber can offer to your company https://iicuae.com/vantaggi/!

Fratelli Pettinaroli


A great satisfaction for Italian entrepreneurship, the reopening, albeit partial, of the activity of Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA on April 14, http://www.pettinaroli.com/. The historic company founded in 1938, which has always been synonymous of quality, reliability and innovation in the field of production of components for plant applications in the specific sectors of heating, air conditioning, sanitary and renewable energy.

It has also recently supplied, with its products, the famous skyscraper “The Scalpel”, built in the heart of the financial district of the city of London.

The company has had its own Representative Office in the Chamber for more than 4 years and is pleased to announce the partial resumption of production, which will be back in operation 100% from 4 May.

In fact, the company that has over 250 employees is already equipped to start again, guaranteeing all the necessary measures to safeguard the safety of each operator. In the meantime, their commercial departments are constantly operating in smart working to offer a continuous service also these days.

Certainly an unexpected and not easy beginning of the decade but on the other hand also a serious test bench for the capabilities of each organization.

Ugo Pettinaroli CEO of Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA, President of Confindustria Europea and President of Confindustria Novara of the sector said to us: “Production is ready to start again from April 14th. The factories are equipped to return to full capacity and provide total safety to operators; COVID-19 is and will remain a bad page in the history of humanity, sad and difficult to accept, but also a moment of self-awareness about one’s real ability to react to such an unpredictable moment. The emergency is not over, but the recovery is about to begin. “


Website: www.pettinaroli.com

BBV Holding: another example of Italian resilience


A further example, not only of the determination to react but above all of the extraordinary adaptability as well as resilience of Italian entrepreneurship, comes from the communications that have taken place with the BBV Inoflex Group, which includes BBV Tech Srl, Steelflex Srl, Inoflex Srl, BBV Holding Srl, all associated with the Chamber.

The BBV Inoflex Group is a leader in the process study on production lines, plant design and in the production of metal, textile and rubber expansion compensators.

The Group Management declares: “In conjunction with the lockdown arrangement, the manufacturing companies made themselves ready; the Business Continuity Plan was immediately activated which, among other things, made operational a task force of 20 people in smart working. This operational structure, combined with the partial opening of the textile and metal production lines, has allowed the industrial Group to continue its commercial operations, both meeting the needs of National Strategic Companies and registering orders for hundreds of thousands of euros from China, Russia, The Middle East, Chile and the United States, in addition to integrating the company staff by hiring the new technical-commercial for the United Arab Emirates “.

The acquired results are the natural consequence of the investment in new organizational processes, in the acquisition of the most advanced technologies, in the continuous training of collaborators and in internationalization; the fruitful collaboration relationships created with industrial partners and local representatives in the various continents represent an essential key to success; in the UAE, the long-term relationship of esteem and collaboration with Al Masaood – Projects & Engineering Services Division is strategic.

This significant adaptability is undoubtedly emblematic of how for over forty years the BBV Inoflex Group can be proudly defined as “industrial process specialist”.


Website: https://www.bbv-holding.com

Covid-19 in Italy – the pandemic trend



In Italy the number of deaths and hospitalizations are decreasing, the healed increase.

Fewer deaths, fewer hospitalizations and fewer ICU accesses and more healed. Significant slow for the trend of the epidemic in Italy. In total, on 13 April, there are 156,363 total cases of coronavirus in Italy. As regards health monitoring related to the spread of Coronavirus on the national territory, at present 102,253 people are positive for the virus, 34,211 people recovered while the deceased amounted to 19,899 units.[1]

We have various indicators, including those on deaths. The number of new cases is decreasing, and we expect deaths to also decrease. The expectation is that in the coming days we will still see this trend decrease more and more”. These are the words of the President of the ISS (Higher Institute of Health), Silvio Brusaferro.

The figures previously reported therefore push the ISS, for the first time since the beginning of the emergency, to speak of “phase 2” which would be implemented only if the data were to be confirmed. The Secretary General of the Chamber Mauro Marzocchi wishes to clarify: “Although Phase 2 has not yet started, with the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 10 the Italian government has started to allow the reopening of numerous activities.” The list includes 29 commercial activities, 4 personal services and 90 industrial services, for a total of 123 activities. The reopening will have to take into account the stringent demands for the protection of workers and consequently for the containment of the pandemic. It is a good sign of a prudent attempt to resume economic activity, whose official recovery date, so far, it is May 4. Important also to highlight the establishment of a Committee of specialists from various disciplines ranging from social to economic and led by the well-known expert manager Vittorio Colao, with the task of planning the resumption of the complete activities in the country. ”

[1] Protezione Civile www.protezionecivile.gov.it, Ansa.it, Il Sole 24 Ore

Italian export data for 2019



For several years, the United Arab Emirates have been the main outlet market for Italy’s exports to the Mena area (Middle East and North Africa). The data on Italian exports to the United Arab Emirates for 2019 have outlined a stable scenario with a substantial hold on the 2018 figure, showing a minimum variation, from 4 billion and 569 million euros to 4 billion and 568 million euros.

As for the disaggregated analysis, the most performing sectors were the jewellery, with a percentage change of +17.5%, the electronics sector +16%, the agri-food sector + 11%, the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, respectively + 2.4% and 3.09%, values which also confirm the role of leader of the Italian pharmaceutical industry which boasts a value only in Europe production of € 32.2 billion and constant export growth (+ 117% in 10 years, reaching € 26 billion in 2018).

The export performance of the machinery and industrial equipment sector, while confirming excellent values ​​in absolute terms, recorded a decrease of 1.9%. Furniture and design products registered a drop of -6.5%, although the heaviest drop seems to be related to the transport sector, with a decrease in exports to the UAE of 33.6%. [1]

To deal with the Coronavirus emergency, a number of measures are provided for in the Cura Italia Decree (Legislative Decree 18/2020) to support the internationalization of businesses and encourage exports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has set up the fund to be distributed called “Integrated Promotion Fund”, with an initial budget of € 150 million for the year 2020, aimed at creating an extraordinary communication campaign with the scope to support Italian exports and the internationalization of the national economic system in the agri-food sector and in the other sectors affected by the emergency, in addition to the strengthening of the promotional activities of the country system carried out, also through the network abroad.

[1] Italian industry & Commerce Office in the UAE – elaborazione dati ISTAT

ITA Team: disinfection and sanitization with ozone, an innovative tool for health protection


 ITA TEAM is an Italian company founded in Dubai, associated with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, which aims to provide an innovative and excellent service to meet the growing demand of the qualified cleaning sector in the United Arab Emirates using the latest technologies, including the sanitization and disinfection process through the use of ozone.


Address: Office 109, Khalid Abdul Rahman Al Shizawi, Al Suq Al Kabeer, P.O. Box: 336764, Dubai – UAE
Website: www.itateam.ae
Phone number: +971 4 24 28 695 / +971 55 99 54 774


As indicated by the Sanity System, ozone, natural gas composed of trivalent oxygen (O3), inactivates viruses and eliminates over 99% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites. By breaking down the microbial load present in the air and on surfaces, ozone is a powerful ally in the fight against allergies, asthma and infections.


 Could ozone help people to avoid death due to coronavirus?


As reported on the front page of the newspaper “La Repubblica”, ozone therapy could also be the most effective clinical response in patients who have contracted Covid-19. Proof of this are the results obtained from the trial launched at the Udine hospital, where out of 36 patients with pneumonia and breathing difficulties, only one was intubated: the others have all improved and some have already been discharged from the hospital.

The intuition to take advantage of the ozone therapy against coronavirus bears the signature of the director of the Department of Anaesthesia and Resuscitation of the “Friuli Centrale” university health care company, Amato De Monte who, together with the infectious disease specialist Carlo Tascini who directs the infectious diseases clinic , and a team of colleagues, has developed a protocol that could revolutionize the approach to care and which has already attracted the interest of specialists from all over Italy.  It is precisely from the data obtained so far that the request for authorization to the Italian Medicines Agency and to the Ethics Committee of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome started, to proceed with a study on 200 Covid-19 patients. In order to aim at its recognition from the methodological point of view at the level of the international scientific community.

The result is there for all to see. “After only three sessions – continues De Monte – we have seen sensational improvements, with a decisive reduction in the need for oxygen support“. In “The hope is to get an answer as soon as possible – concludes De Monte – because the more immediate its use, the greater the help we will be able to give.” [1]

[1] La Repubblica.ithttps://www.repubblica.it/

Lazio Innova Project

 Important success of the IICUAE


The IICUAE has won the international tender launched by Lazio Innova for the Lazio Region, on a number of qualified and experienced participating operators.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the implementation of collaborative activities between the Chamber and Italian Bodies and Institutions, Lazio Innova SpA has expressed its clear desire to continue organizing the “Towards Expo 2020 Dubai” project, assigned to the Chamber for this 2020 as a specialist in the accompaniment of Lazio companies in the UAE in view of the Expo 2020 universal exhibition, now postponed to next year. The Chamber, in fact, thanks to its experience of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that want to appear on the Emirate market, has built up consolidated commercial contacts with local operators over time and has therefore been selected as Advisor. In fact, the IICUAE boasts specific experience in developing internationalization activities of Italian companies towards the UAE and a knowledge of the legal and tax aspects that it will offer to Lazio companies thanks to the selected network of trusted consultants.

Resumption Emirates Flights


Following the suspension of passenger flights from March 25, 2020, on April 6, 2020, the airlines Etihad and Emirates obtained the authorization to restore air flights leaving the United Arab Emirates for specific fares, such as London, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Zurich, in order to facilitate the return of foreign citizens.

There will be 4 weekly flights to Heathrow destinations in London and three weekly flights to other cities in Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Emirates aircraft are constantly subjected to advanced cleaning and sanitization processes, the airline has established that, for obvious reasons of passenger protection, it will operate a combined flight service program: in fact, there will not be available magazines and other reading materials on board, while food and drinks continue to be offered. In addition, services such as Airport Lounges and “Driver Service” will not be available during this period. [1]


[1] Il messaggero.it- https://www.ilmessaggero.it/

Seminar “The Protection of credits in the United Arab Emirates” 2020


Seminary - The Protection of Credits in the UAE - 10th March 2020


On March 10th, 2020 the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE organized the seminar “The Protection of Credits in the UAE” at the Immagina meeting room, located in 48 Burj Gate, floor 10, Downtown Dubai.

The speakers were the lawyers Antonio Varvaro and Marco Zucco, who talked about the methods of collecting credit in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the relevant legislation and the competent jurisdictions for that matters, along with the presentation of some practical cases. The latter were particularly appreciated by the audience.

Avv. Antonio Varvaro

Avv. Marco Zucco

The seminar saw the participation of about 15 listeners that sat at the recommended distance of at least one meters as per health regulations.

The event has also been attended remotely by numerous lawyers live via Facebook from Italy and abroad, many of them Representatives of the Chamber, who congratulated both for the topics discussed and for the organization that enabled even those who could not be physically present to be part of the seminar.

Collaboration with Dubai Future Foundation


On February 26, the lawyer Giuseppe Cavallaro from the LUISS Guido Carli University, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Chamber Mauro Marzocchi and the Senior Trade Analyst Beatrice Calabrese, visited Dubai Future Foundation, hub / incubator / accelerator of innovative projects and ideas for the future of medium and long term high strategic sectors.

The visit was led by DFF Project Manager Mohammed Al Whari in the framework of the “Country in Residence” and “Italian start-ups meet Dubai” projects.

These projects, developed by IICUAE, will be developed in collaboration with the University of Turin, LUISS and DFF in favour of Italian Start-ups.

The project “Italian start-ups meet Dubai” will be presented to the managers of the Italian Pavilion, in order to be able to be present at the universal exhibition scheduled now for 2021.


From the left respectively: Avv. Antonio Cavallaro, Mohammed Al Whari – Project Manager Dubai Future Foundation, Dott. Mauro Marzocchi – Secretary General IICUAE, Beatrice Calabrese – Senior Trade Analyst IICUAE.

Companies-Italy, Dubai and Expo2020: let’s assess the situation

 Video interview with the Secretary General of the Chamber Mauro Marzocchi by Nico de Corato

Digital entrepreneur, journalist, expert in social media and video productions, ultra-marathon runner. Nico (www.nicodecorato.com) has lived in Dubai for years and has always been involved in the information sector; in the past two years it has started to develop a new YouTube channel with informative videos on all aspects of life in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

From the establishment of the companies to the news, from cultural videos to lighter videos that still help to get closer to the daily reality of Dubai.

The Italian Sense of Humour


Maybe it is true that we Italians are in a difficult situation… but tell me where you will find another such country:

In which aprons for doctors are sewn by ARMANI

FERRARI is manufacturing respirators

GUCCI is making masks

And sanitizing gel is made by BULGARI??

“We may end up in hell, but in style!”