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Muller & Koster lands in Dubai


On June 25th, 26th and 27th the company Muller & Koster Industrie Chimiche S.p.A. (represented by the CEO, Stefania Pezzi, and the Director, Domenico Mercurio), with the support of Carlotta Sterzi, met various local distributors and operators, previously selected by the Chamber of Commerce.

The company successfully introduced its products, with a significant focus on natural fragrances, essences and essential oils.

The company, founded in 1945 under the name of Muller & Koster Industrie Chimiche S.p.A., was originally established in Geneva and then moved its headquarter to Milan.

Thanks to an excellent product and a serious and objective-focused working method, the company quickly gained a leading position in the national and international market, being able to hold it up to this day through its branches in Italy and France.

Today the Muller & Koster researches and produces essences for cosmetics and cleansing, natural food aromas and pharmaceutics.

The best raw materials are delivered from every corner of the globe to the research plants, where they get treated in the safety of the scientific labs in order to supply to the client a safe, certified and high quality product.

During these three days, Muller & Koster met local operators active in sectors such as:

  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Body Hygiene
  • House and household Hygiene
  • Chemicals

The meetings opened the path for the first partnerships with various realities, in the hope that they could become a starting point for long lasting future collaborations.


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