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The B2B E-mission of the CONSFRU company was successfully concluded


The Italian Chamber of Commerce has launched the new formula of the E-Mission. That is, to facilitate the business opportunities for Italian companies in the UAE, without necessarily being physically present on site. The support of digital platforms is used to carry out its B2B internationalization service and the Chamber is pleased to inform that the commercial mission of the Italian company CONSFRU, a company that deals with the marketing of fruit, has been successfully completed. and vegetables. It was through virtual B2B meetings, developed and coordinated by the Chamber and held entirely online, that the company was able to get in touch and start working with specialized local importers.

CONSFRU was born in 2016, thanks to the experience gained over the years in trade and especially in export to Eastern European countries. The strengths of CONSFRU are mainly given by the location of the logistics platform located a few kilometres from the ports of Bari and Brindisi, strategic for shipments of goods to Eastern Europe, using “corridor 8” which facilitates the maritime transport of goods. The second fundamental point is given by the Puglia region, where the company is based: Puglia is already a large producer of different varieties of fruit, vegetables and vegetables. The fourth point is the logistic organization, which, starting from an equipped platform, equipped with the HCCP and IFS system, is able, thanks to the consolidated relationships existing with various distributors in the territory of some Eastern European countries, to reach its destination. even with minimum quantities of goods.


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