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Magna Grecia Style “the jewelry of beauty beyond time”


Dear operators of the goldsmith and jewelry sector in the GCC,

we are pleased to present the Italian companies selected by the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone to participate in the Project Magna Grecia Style “the jewelry of beauty beyond time” created in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, funded by the Calabria Region

The city of Crotone was founded by Greek colonists in 710 BC, and it is located in the southern Italy, in the Calabria region.

Crotone is a seaside town, rich in history and culture that has its roots far back in time, and draws its inspiration from the Magna Graecia, as evidenced by the typical workmanship of filigree and gold that still traces the style and shapes of the jewelry of the time.

The colonies of the Greek West were famous thanks to the production of bronze artifacts, but also of precious metals, gold and silver, which were often used as votive gifts to the gods. The goldsmith’s art of Crotone is a tradition that has the charisma of immortality and that is perpetuated with immutable freshness in the laboratories of the goldsmiths of Crotone and Calabria.

Much appreciated well beyond the Italian borders, the goldsmith’s art of Crotone and Calabria is known internationally and nowadays finds versatile fields of application: from high fashion to the world of entertainment and public honors to the field of goldsmith’s art and ecclesiastical jewelry.

Alongside the model of Magna Graecia, Crotone’s goldsmith art also reflects the other stylistic elements that have characterized the artistic history of the province of Crotone and Calabria in general, often proposing the oriental, Arab, Byzantine and Baroque influence, embellishing even more the manufacture of gold with the inclusion of corals, pearls and semi-precious stones.

The companies you will find in this brochure have been included in our B2B platform Italian Jewelry Fashion & Beauty in the GCC where you can find further details.

If you are interested in having more information and get in touch directly with the companies, you can send an email to:

info@iicuae.com or promozione@kr.camcom.it