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Italy is the country of the year 2021


Italy is the country of the year 2021. This is certified by the famous British magazine The Economist in its Christmas edition, traditionally a recognition for the country that has contributed most of all to making the world better. This time the executive of Prime Minister Mario Draghi is also awarded. Specifically, the Economist praises our country for “a better government, the success of vaccines, a new political competence and a strong economic recovery”.

Lithuania is also considered among the finalists for the Economist this year, for its efforts and democratic actions, but Italy is the most deserving country. “Not for his players who have won the European Championships, and not even for Eurovision, but for his politics”.

The Economist has criticized Italy for years when it was led by Berlusconi, the country often had fragile governments, and citizens in 2019 were even poorer in 2019 than in 2020.

This year, however, Italy has changed; with Mario Draghi, the country has acquired a competent and internationally respected Prime Minister. For once, in Italy, the majority of politicians have put aside their differences to support a reform program.

According to the Economist, “the vaccination campaign was also among the best in Europe. After a difficult 2020, Italy’s economy is now restarting faster than France and Germany.” Draghi wants to be president of the Republic, which would be a more ceremonial role, and could have been succeeded by a less competent Prime Minister. But it is undeniable that Italy today is in a better position than December 2020. And therefore, in Italian, “Auguroni!”.

Source: La Repubblica