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UAE successfully launches Hope probe, Arab world’s first mission to Mars


After two postponements due to bad weather conditions, the first UAE H2A probe successfully left for Mars.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries anticipated the successful launch of the ‘Hope’ mission: the first Emirati spacecraft destined to reach Mars. After two postponements marked by bad weather, H2a rocket left the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan.

The spacecraft will face a journey of 493.5 million kilometers before reaching the Red Planet in 2021, the year in which the Emirates will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their foundation. It will take seven months to reach the goal, then H2a will start taking pictures that will allow you to study the seasons on Mars and to deepen how the water present previously disappeared.

“The UAE has made history with an unprecedented breakthrough in space for the Arab region as ‘Hope’ has been successfully launched and is flying into space,” says the smug tweet from the Abu Dhabi government. By studying the atmosphere of Mars, the in-orbit study will last about a couple of years, the spacecraft “will help to better understand our planet and its future,” said the Emirate space agency. Developed at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai, ‘Hope’ is already a chronicle.

To find more information about UAE H2A, please visit the websit TheGuardian

Source: RaiNews



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