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La Voce Dello Chef- Domenico Stranieri

La Voce Dello Chef- Domenico Stranieri


On Tuesday 15/12 at 13.00 (10.00 Italian time) we were live via facebook with  Domenico Stranieri, Chef and holder of Pulcinella.

Pulcinella is one of the most renowned and appreciated Italian restaurants in the UAE for the excellent quality of the products and for the Italian typicality that distinguishes it, characteristics that have made the restaurant one of the six winners of the Italian Hospitality Award in 2019.

We discussed topics such as:

What does it mean to be ambassadors of Italian excellence in the UAE
Criteria for selecting the products to be imported
Tastes and preferences of local customers

You can find the registration on: https://www.facebook.com/ItalianIndustryCommerceOfficeInTheUae