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Our History


CNA (Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato e Piccola Impresa) starts a series of activities in Dubai already in 1986 with the participation to a Fashion & Clothing Exhibition, named Motexha. In 1992 and 1993, there are organized, at Le Meridien Airport of Dubai, two exhibitions, always in the Fashion&Appeal Sector, that are attended by almost 30 small Italian companies. From 1994 to 1997, it starts again the participation in Motexha of several SME Italian companies, always under the coordination of CAN, which presents, in 1998, a three-years project to Piedmont Region.

The activity of the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE starts, so, in Sharjah in 1999 as a Program Agreement with Piedmont Region – ICE. In practical terms, it is a showroom dedicated to Piedmont companies, called Italy in Emirates. In 2002 and 2003 the project is extended to national level and it is partially subsided from the Sectorial Agreement CNA – MiSe (Minister of Economic Development). In 2004 it changes the name and so it is created the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE and, in its board of directors, in addition to the founder CAN, it enters also Confartigianato. Anyway, the local legislation doesn’t’ allow the denomination Italian Chamber of Commerce, so, from this moment, it will be named Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE (IICUAE).

In 2007, the IICUAE starts its process of recognition from the Italian Government as Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad which will finish on the 17th of November 2009 with the recognition of the title. In Italy, after this approval, the Association will be able to officially be named Camera di Commercio Italiana negli EAU.

In 2010, the Italian minister for the Economic Development (MiSE), based on the Italian Embassy in UAE’s opinion, express its official approval to the nomination of  Mauro Marzocchi as Secretary General.

In 2013, in the Board of Directors, it enters Federpesca, as representative of Confindustria. Among the initiatives of greatest importance carried on by the Chamber, it is highlighted the creation of “Italian Lifestyle In the Emirates”, the unique exhibition totally Italian in the Gulf Countries with over 160 companies attending (Sharjah, 2004-2007) and Italian Festival Weeks in the UAE, which reached its twelve edition with a calendar of more than 40 events carried on in November, divided in four categories (business, art&culture, networking and sports). Of high prestige it is the recognition of IFWs by the Italian President of the Republic which has been given by the Chamber to the Italian company which highly contradistinguishes itself during the year in the development of the relationship between the two Countries. In 2018 the awards has been given to Mapei Chemical Construction of Dubai.

From 15th of June 2010 to the 31st of December 2016 the Chamber hosted ENIT (Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo). In 2015, it has been inaugurated the new office of the IICUAE, a t the presence of the Economy Minister of the UAE, Sultan Al Mansouri, the Italian Ambassador in Abu Dhabi Giorgio Starace, the Italian Consul Giovani Favilli and of the Director if ICE Dubai.