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KK8 S.r.l


In every sip of Kkerly there is the warmth and energy of Salento, a land kissed by the sun and the sea, where pomegranates fields and ancient olive trees meet white sands and fishing boats. A land where the generosity of people allows you to feel at home no matter wherever you come from.

A land where the dawn is timeless and the nights light up with life and nothing seems impossible.
Here, in a small country house, a child who dreamed of becoming a magician took his first steps. Growing up he discovered the secrets of nature, and combining them with his desire to travel to distant lands in search of new adventures, he created a real alchemy: Kkerly.

A new completely natural drink to take care of your body and bring freshness and liveliness to every moment of your day.


Via Flli. Gracchi 27
City: Cinisello Balsamo, MI
Postal / Zip Code: 20092


+39 351 776 3567