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Italy finally reconsiders embargo on UAE


According to information provided by the Parliamentary Assembly, the Italian government will reconsider our country’s relations with the United Arab Emirates.

As anticipated on the website, the Chamber sent a letter to Prime Minister Draghi asking him to lift the embargo in place. In January in fact, the Italian government imposed an embargo on the sales of weapons to UAE which was soon followed by a counter-embargo on each commercial supply from Italy. The Italian Foreign Affairs Committee considers these measures not needed anymore since they had been imposed based on a past UAE’s involvement in the Yemen war. The involvement had already stopped in January, when the embargo has been enforced.

For this reason, the Foreign Affairs Committee is today in favor of a renewed political, economic and military cooperation with the UAE. It’s is possible that President Sergio Mattarella will visit the country to enshrine the beginning of this new phase of cooperation in the upcoming weeks.project.



Susanna Schiavon