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Italy eases the measures


Italy begins the gradual reopening of the most penalized sectors by anti-covid measures such as restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, spa facilities, cinemas, and live shows.

Despite the relaxation of the measures, all the activities will provide safe procedures in order to avoid gatherings. Therefore, access will be still denied in case of temperatures higher than 37.5 º C and it is mandatory to provide hand sanitization products for customers and staff. In addition, customers with reservations will be privileged and it will be kept for 14 days the list of subjects who booked. As concerns the air conditioning systems, it will be mandatory to exclude completely the function of air recirculation. Finally, it is always necessary to provide and ensure adequate information and awareness on preventive, hygienic and behavioral measures, which will help to contain the transmission of SARS-Cov-2, also by appealing to a sense of individual responsibility. Below, the precise directions.

Concerning the catering sector, hence restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, self-service, bars, pubs, pastry shops, ice cream shops, rotisseries and catering, it will be allowed to provide both lunch and dinner service. In interior establishments, customers will have to maintain at least 2 meters of separation between indoor tables and 1 meter in open-air environments and digital menu consultation solutions shall be provided, or in the plastic-coated or disposable menu. In establishments that do not provide seating, depending on the specific characteristics of the individual properties, access is allowed to a limited number of customers while maintaining 2 meters of separation.

With regard to gyms and swimming pools for swimming activities, it is preferable to schedule a specific program of planned activities in order to avoid gatherings. Also, the spaces and activities in the changing rooms and showers will be organized in order to ensure 2 meters separation, all clothing and personal items must be stored inside the personal bag, even if placed in the appropriate lockers, and finally, it is recommended to keep as much as possible the doors and windows open in order to facilitate the natural airflow in indoor environments. In particular, the disinfection of the equipment used in gyms will be guaranteed and in order to ensure a level of protection from infection, the effectiveness of the water treatment chain must be ensured in swimming pools. Similarly, the same indications apply to spa and wellness facilities.

Cinemas and live performances will also reopen, including opera, symphonic and orchestral productions, musical performances, theatre productions and dance productions. In order to avoid the creation of gatherings, the reorganization and optimization of spaces will be ensured to guarantee access in an orderly manner maintaining at least 1 meter of separation between users. Frequent cleaning and disinfection will also be guaranteed at the end of every day of all the places, clubs, and attractions.

Finally, it is understood that according to the evolution of the epidemiological scenario the measures indicated may be chenged, even in a more restrictive sense.