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Italian Hospitality Magazine


Our Chamber has been nominated by UNIONCAMERE and ISNART to select Italian restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, which qualify for the prestigious “Italian Hospitality” award. This award recognizes the authenticity of Italian restaurants around the world. Applicants must adhere to a rigorous list of criteria. A representative of our Chamber is responsible for conducting inspection visits to restaurants and the collection of relevant material that proves the authenticity of the products used, decorations, work experience of the cook, etc. The final list of candidates will be sent to a special commission in Italy at the end of June which will carry out an evaluation and finally select the winning restaurants.

As part of the activities of our Italian Hospitality Desk, we are pleased to present “Italian Hospitality” – the first magazine entirely dedicated to Italian cuisine in the country. ‘Italian Hospitality’, together with the latest news from the Italian and UAE agricultural markets, aims to be an important showcase for all operators dealing with Made in Italy.

The emphasis is placed on the quality that these operators are able to offer and their respect for those standards that have made Italian cuisine appreciated all over the world. The magazine also aims to be a fundamentally important melting point between supply and demand, thanks to the strong promotion of the food sector operators mentioned above.

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