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Italian Goodness Festival


Last December 30th was celebrated the inauguration of the Italian Goodness Festival organized by the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE in collaboration with Choithrams, one of the leading supermarkets and distribution companies in the GCC. Among the prominent personalities attending the event, special mention goes to the Deputy Consul General of Italy Francesca Dell’Apa who supported this promotion initiative, Piero Ricotti past President of Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE and Secretary General Mauro Marzocchi and representative of Choitram, Kirti Meghnani | Head – Retail Procurement.

In fact, the Italian Goodness Festival project consists of displaying the food products of selected Italian companies at 10 Choithrams Group stores.

The Italian institutional bodies involved in the project are the Region of Calabria and Confartigianato Calabria, the Region of Sicily and the Region of Abruzzo. Specifically, 7 companies for the Region of Calabria, 2 companies for the Region of Sicily, and 4 companies for the Region of Abruzzo participated in the project and 6 more companies from other Italian’s regions.

The period during which the products will be displayed in Choithrams supermarkets will include three weekends to give the products as much visibility as possible. Indeed, until 17th January, the Festival will provide offers on various products and ingredients to celebrate Italy’s culinary heritage.

This is a high-level service that will enable the small manufacturers from Calabria, Sicily, and Abruzzo to practically approach an important and strategic market such as Dubai, which is very competitive and therefore difficult to access.