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“Italian Food and Beverage in Dubai” project


As part of the Italian Food and Beverage Project in Dubai, developed by the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE, in September began the commercial promotion of 42 selected Italian companies in the sector out of 102 applications received. 

The UAE market, thanks also to its strong export vocation, has always been strategic for Italian companies and in recent years, in particular for the Food and Beverage and Hotellerie sector. The project started from the twenty-year experience of the Chamber on the ground, which is in daily contact with Emirati operators to contribute to the development of Italian exports.

The project therefore aims to offer the necessary tools to SMEs who want to systematically approach a rich and competitive market such as that of the UAE, with a reduced investment.

This initiative foresees the presence on-site through the Representative Office at the Chamber alongside a widespread promotion at the local distributors of the products carried out through the provision of an individual stand at the International Fair The Specialty Food and GulfHost, as well as through the assignment of a Manager for commercial promotion in the United Arab Emirates for 4 months and the publication and distribution of a digital catalog to all distributors in the Gulf countries, which contains the description of the individual companies and their products.


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