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Italian economy back on its feet


After a positive trimester for the Italian industrial production, April confirms this positive tendency by jumping ahead even further, recording a +1,8% increase in industrial production when compared to the preceding month.

The seasonally adjusted data – that is, purified by fluctuations due to seasonal features – mirrors a promising recovery. Retailers can now breathe a sigh of relief after a horrible 202, ended with a -13,5% breakdown.

January, February and March 2021 registered a +15,6% growth when compared to the same period in 2020, and a +0,8% growth when compared to October, November and December 2020. The positive climate concerns every economic sector. The textile, clothing, leather and accessories industries grew by +363,2% when compared to last year’s growth. The manufacturing of transport equipment and of rubber and plastic articles grew respectively by +327,3% and +149,3%. Pharmaceutical products are the only ones which did not grow, decreasing instead by -3,2%.

Article edited by Susanna Schiavon

Source: Repubblica.it