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Vice Segretario Generale IICUAE - Focus Turismo
Responsabile Area Internazionalizzazione, Sicindustria/EEN
Segretario Generale, IICUAE
Avvocato in Dubai
Representative IICUAE
Representative IICUAE
Representative IICUAE
Da sinistra: Giada Platania, Nino Salerno (Sicindustria/Confidustria Sicilia) e Mauro Marzocchi, Segretario Generale IICUAE

Sicindustria, partner of Entreprise Europe Network and the IICUAE have organized, on the 3rd of October 2018 at the Sicindustria head offices in Palermo, a workshop which has represented an important opportunity for developing and confronting the commercial opportunities of the UAE, in addition to the business and cooperation ones offered by the Sicilian companies. The meeting, dedicated to the Sicilian companies, has been focused on food&beverage and tourism sectors.

The UAE are the principal partner, from a commercial point of view, of the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA). Thanks to several features, among which the strategic position on a geographical point of view, the judicial landscape, the fiscal policies, the economic stability, make it an ideal hub for the re-exports in the MENA area and not only. The Country offers several opportunities in important sectors such food&beverage, tourism, healthcare, water, energy, aviation, logistic, creative industries and other more connected with Expo 2020 Dubai, an increasing number of Italian companies have started their business with the UAE.

However, the South regions and Sicily are still a not-well-known destination. The new flight Catania-Dubai managed by FlyDubai, represents an important occasion to increase the export of Sicily towards the UAE and, from there, to all the adjacent regions.

Speakers of the workshop have been:

  • Nino Salerno, delegato all’Internazionalizzazione Sicindustria/EEN
  • Edy Bandiera, assessore all’Agricoltura, Regione Sicilia
  • Giada Platania, responsabile area internazionalizzazione, Sicindustria/EEN
  • Mauro Marzocchi, Segretario Generale della IICUAE
  • Dott. Giuseppe Rizzo, Representative della IICUAE
  • Dott. Luigia Falanga, Representative della IICUAE
  • Benedetta Bottoli, Vice-Segretario Generale IICUAE (collegamento Skype)
  • Avv. Francesco Scalia, Representative della IICUAE
  • Avv. Antonio Varvaro, avvocato in Dubai
  • Umberto Pelargonio, Diomedes International DWC-LLC
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