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Expo 2020 Dubai has been the main event of the year, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. Now that it’s over, the curiosity that each of us has is to know what will be its future, so the question that arises is: “What will be after Expo 2020 Dubai?

Surprisingly, Expo 2020 Dubai will be transformed into a sustainable and intelligent city, already known to all as District 2020 which is also known as the “city of 15 minutes” because everything revolves around the figure of man.

In fact, stores, restaurants, schools, health facilities and offices will be built with the main intention of being reached comfortably on foot or by bike but never by car. This is perfectly in line with the main objective of this project that is to build a green and smart city based on the human figure. District 2020 is part of an even larger project known as the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 which has as its main objective to improve and double green areas and public parks, in order to provide a healthy environment for residents and visitors, collaborating also with the private sector.

In addition, District 2020 will also be a center dedicated to new technologies, thus hosting important companies such as “Siemens”, “Terminus” and “Dp World” that have already been important partners during the Expo 2020 universal exhibition. But that’s not all, as the District 2020 will also host 80 carefully selected start-ups, which promote and operate in different sectors, such as urban planning, mobility, green energy and intelligent architecture. As a final point it is also interesting to find out what will be the fate of the different pavilions: 80% of all structures will be reused and in six months District 2020 will already be habitable, hosting its first citizens.
As a further curiosity there is also to add that some infrastructures will be repurposed and used for other purposes. For example, Al Was Plaza will be a point of aggregation and a hub for events and shows; the Dubai Exhibition Centre will host major events, conventions and trade fairs; the Sustainability Pavilion will be used as a workshop for children and as exhibition spaces to raise people’s awareness of the environment and, lastly, the UAE Pavilion, whose form consisted of a hawk in flight, will be erected as a national monument. On the other hand, not all pavilions will be dismantled since some of them will be used for other functions and tasks: for example, the India Pavilion will be reused as a center for technological start-ups in the Emirates while the Italian one will function as a laboratory to preserve archaeological finds and art in war zones.
and art in war zones.
In conclusion, it seems that the District 2020 will be the city where man will be the pivot and fulcrum having a decisive role together with the work done by other companies and start-ups. All this will be done with the main objective of creating a safe, green, sustainable and intelligent city: in a nutshell, District 2020 will become a real city of the future.