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Ieri, Oggi, Dubai


On April 13th the online meeting concerning Marche’s Company Opportunities during Expo 2021, was held at 3.30 pm and it was attended by 150 companies. Chaired by the President of Marche Chamber of Commerce Gino Sabatini and the Vice President of the Region Mirco Carloni, it was a fruitful conference full of testimonies, during which the Italian Chamber’s Secretary General Mauro Marzocchi spoke:

“Yesterday, today, Dubai”. An emblematic and definitely significant title for the meeting organized by the Marche Chamber of Commerce. We have to stay together, presenting ourselves united, in order to enhance and promote our excellence. We need to relaunch made in Italy, from food to fashion, to technology and innovation. The three special companies of Camera Marche, Linfa (agri-food sector), Tecne (furniture and mechanics),  Linea (fashion and footwear) are ready for the challenge”_ The speech of the President of Camera Marche, Gino Sabatini.

« Infrastructure, transport, energy, tourism and the real estate market will be the key sectors in the coming years, on which this country intends to focus. In the medium term, other sectors to be supervised for companies in the Marche that intend to enter into commercial agreements with the United Arab Emirates will be Health, Environment, and Technology. There are many positive aspects and just as many opportunities in Dubai, but the tough competition, as well as the need to have liquidity, to better plan the approach in Dubai should not be underestimated.” Underlines Mauro Marzocchi, Secretary-General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

“The regional council has just approved a resolution to define the period of participation in Dubai Expo, from 21 to 26 February, in the week linked to Food and Agriculture. We will try to showcase all that is good in the food and wine chain. Our goal is to improve sales capacity in those markets. We are also thinking to organize events outside Expo involving the entrepreneurs themselves, to create a moment dedicated to the Marche and all its excellences.” The words of the Vice President of the Marche Region, Mirco Carloni.




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