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UAE Covid cases decrease 22% as vaccination drive peaks


Coronavirus infections in the UAE have fallen by 22 per cent – which is more than a fifth than January. According to Bloomberg Quint, the UAE has one of the world’s fastest Covid vaccination campaigns, having administered 56 doses per 100 people.

The UAE has managed to administer more than 6 million doses and emerged as the top nation in daily distribution rate.

According to Friday’s statistics on Our World in Data, the UAE has a daily distribution rate of 0.88 per 100 people, edging past countries like the US (0.66) and Israel (0.39).

Dr Rohit Kumar, Medical Director, Medeor Hospital, credited mass vaccination for bringing the number of cases down.

Medics noted that the current campaign is “rightly focused” on the most vulnerable groups.

Arshia Banu Najeem, General Physician Aster Clinics, Aswaaq Mall branch, said that a lot of people have been educated on the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccines. Also, the UAE has put in a lot of measures to contain the spread of infection and all these have helped bring down the numbers and increase vaccination outputs.

Dr Sreekumar Sreedharan, specialist – internal medicine, Aster Clinic, Karama, said Covid-19 vaccines help “our bodies” develop immunity to the virus. However, other steps must be taken to reduce the chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others, like wearing masks and following social distancing rules.


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