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UAE launches online system for pre-travel Covid-19 tests


The system is expected to expand to 60 countries in the world, covering 1,000 accredited labs in these countries.

UAE’s official pre-travel Covid-19 testing facility Pure Health has launched an online system where passengers travelling to the UAE can register to get tested for coronavirus in their home countries through an approved network of laboratory facilities.

In collaboration with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), Pure Health has launched an international laboratory partnership project, with over 500 accredited laboratories in 40 countries at this stage of the project. All the procedures are planned in accordance with measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The service can be booked easily through the web portal, where Pure Health has provided the list of the approved labs in each country.

The incoming passengers to the UAE from any of the empaneled countries can register for the screening (after they have been informed to do so during the government application process) simply by entering their details, selecting their country, city and preferred laboratory on the portal. Their results are then shared with the FAIC through the shared portal. The applicants will then receive feedback from the FAIC regarding their application.

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