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Fratelli Pettinaroli S.p.a.


Fratelli Pettinaroli, a historical company born in 1938, is, since always, synonymous of quality, seriousness and innovation in the production of components for installation applications. The company, to guarantee its position on the foreign markets, during the Nineties starts the internationalization proves which brings it becoming a group composed by 9 societies.

Among them, two are manufactures and there are located in Italy; the others, which take care of the logistic and of the distribution in the concerning marketplaces, are dislocated in this way: three in the USA, one in France, one in Switzerland and two in Denmark.

The strategical choice of the company is deeper and deeper concentrated on the research and the innovation, especially in heating, conditioning, sanitary and renewable energies. The company, in fact, although keeping its industrial identity, which derives from over 70 years of activity in the components industry, has had the capacity to modify its physiognomy, emerging more and more as provider of systems and solutions.

F.lli Pettinaroli, in addition to be certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, thanks to the high qualitative standard, to the rigorous productive checks and to the perfect quality of the applied raw materials, has obtain the homologation of its products in 19 institutes, which guarantee the respect of the regulations dictated by the international standards.

The last goals achieved concern the development of the new Evosollar division which works in the thermal solar energy and the realization of new balancing valves which, guarantying energy conservation, optimize the distribution system in conditioning/heating installations.


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