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Forum Retail Edizione 2021


Participation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE to the 2021 edition of “Forum Retail”

Dubai. May, 23rd 2021 – The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, reference institution for the Italian business community in the United Arab Emirates, welcomes the invitation to take part in the 21st edition of Forum Retail, important networking hub for the retail community in the world. The event will take place in two different sessions, respectively on June 24th and October 28th. The IICUAE, together with some important local retailers, will take part in the second chapter of the event by hosting a roundtable aiming at providing the public with a general overview of the occurrences, the challenges and the opportunities which interest the retail sector in the UAE.

“Retailing in the UAE should bounce and grow by 13 percent, thus reaching the sum of 58 billion dollars by the end of 2021. Retailing will be supported by customers’ demand, which shrank in the second half of the year due to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign and Expo 2020 Dubai. The analysis, based on recent data from Euromonitor, even forecasts that retailing in the UAE will have a stable annual growth of 6,6% over the medium term and will reach the total amount of 70,7 billion dollars by 2025” highlights Paolo Nazzari, Vice secretary General and Business Development Manager at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

“Forum Retail is an international event: a vocation that we have been pursuing for several years as we believe this is the only way to provide a complete overview of the retail sector, new trends and methods adopted by different countries to face particular moments, such as the one we are experiencing. We appreciate the presence of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, which participates for the first time in Forum Retail offering an opportunity for in-depth analysis of a country that Italy always looks at with great interest” states Francesca Cattoglio, Owner IKN Italy.

As previously mentioned, Forum Retail is the biggest networking hub for the retail community organized by INK Italy. It has now been running for 21 years and it aims at providing Italian and foreign professionals with a place of encounter and discussion. It offers them the opportunity to further explore solutions and ideas on how to face challenges and seize opportunities.

Session 1 will take place online on June 24th. The participants will get to know the most successful cases in the digital environment and those dealing with the issue of sustainability. Furthermore, participants will explore the ways in which the retail sector has created value and overcame difficulties.

Session 2 will take place in a hybrid format on October 28th. It will be hosted both face-to-face at Centro Congressi NH Milanofiori and online. Session 2 will offer an opportunity to get in touch with CEOs, General Managers, Chiefs Marketing, and Innovation Officers and learn how they are rethinking the customer’s experience and balancing the equilibrium between physical and online experiences. Our institution will take part in this second session by taking part to a virtual roundtable with a focus on the UAE.

Forum Retail 2021 involves various sectors: Fashion & Accessories, GDS, Consumer Goods, TelCo & Media, Pharma & Healthcare, Luxury, Banking, Leisure, Real Estate e Ho.Re.Ca.
Further information and updates concerning the event can be found on the social channels of Forum Retail and on our institutional channels. The event can be attended on those same channels.

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