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Floating Moving Concert – Alessandro Martire


The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce Alessandro Martire, who has been our guest in the past few days to discuss the possibility of a performance in Dubai for the project “Floating Moving Concert”.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Alessandro Martire, pianist and composer from Lake Como.

For the past three years I have been carrying out the “Floating Moving Concert” project which consists in a floating concert (on water).

The project was born from Lake Como which is my native land and is a great artistic inspiration for me to write new music; but I have always nurtured a great dream: to bring this project all over the world.

Dubai was one of the first cities to which I thought to bring this project; it is a very fascinating project of great artistic and cultural integration between countries and it is above all a way to share art with the public.

“Floating Moving Concert” is also a project that represents the host location, it is therefore a format that enhances the host territory.

The concert includes original music of my composition on a piano built specifically for this project which is called “Waves”.

“Waves” is a wave-shaped project that recalls my bond with water and with nature in general: all places that create great inspiration for me.

It will be a concert where I will present new music and it is a way to spread the Italian spirit in the world: our beauties, our talents, our uniqueness.

I hope for your esteem, appreciation and support and I hope to meet you soon again in this wonderful city for a unique concert in the world.”

Website: www.alessandromartire.com

Floating Moving Concert: https://youtu.be/r7A1B7cI-NY