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Signature of the Agreement between IICUAE and the Chamber of Commerce of San Marino


Chamber of Commerce: in a Seminar all the opportunities which derive from the interchanges with the United Arab Emirates

During the occasion there has been signed an agreement between the Agency for the Economic Development – Chamber of Commerce and the relative counterpart based in the UAE

There are attractive, Silvano Martinotti said, the prospective for the Titano. Also because San Marino, he affirms as Vice President of the IICUAE, reminds beauty and it represents an important bridge, from Abu Dhabi’s point of view, towards Europe. Italy, to give an example, has a volum of export, towards this reality, of 5. Billion euros. In the opening of the seminar, the agreement between the two Chambers of Commerce. “there would be already almost fifteen”, says Antonella Mularoni, Vice President of the Economic Development Agency, “the companies of San Marino which have showed interest towards the UAE market. It was also present the Secretary of State Zafferani. The UAE – he said – are a Country which is recording a huge growth and with which the Republic has reached an agreement against the double imposition and for the investments’ promotion”. Already approved by Titano, it is wishes – in brief timings – the one coming from Abu Dhabi.