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Fiamma Scarlatta


Handmade pizza produced in Italy

The Fiamma Scarlatta products are the result of the passion for doing things the right way, from the selection of excellent raw materials to the expertise of working with ingredients to get the best from them.

The dough:

Mixture of selected flours, including a special stone-milled flour.
24 hours maturation to guarantee a high digeribility.

100% hand-stretched:

The pizzas are entirely hand-stretched because there is no machine that can faithfully reproduce the hand-touch.
Hands are the only “tool” that does not stress the dough while stretching it.

The tomato sauce:

They use only Italian tomato, which is enriched with flavour thanks to their secret and artisanal recipe.
The tomato is evenly hand-spread across the pizza base using the back of a spoon.

100% garnished by hand:

They garnish by hand their pizzas in order to guarantee a well-distributed topping and offer a balanced flavour at every slice.
Presentation is important, garnishing by hand the pizzas allows them to make the pizzas attractive to the consumer.


Why is the pizza in a bag and not in a tray? Since their pizzas are completely hand-stretched every pizza has a strictly unique shape. Unlike industrial pizzas, they cannot guarantee the same exact shape imposed by the size of the tray.
They hand-pack their pizzas because if packed by machine the topping would not be firm inside the pack.


Strada Luigi Carlo Farini 35/A
43121 Parma (PR), Italia


+39 0521 140 1046