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F.A.P.I. Federazione Artigiani e Piccole Imprese

F.A.P.I. Federazione Artigiani e Piccole Imprese


The F.A.P.I. is an employers’ association that operates at a national level to defend the rights and interests of employers in the crafts and trade, agriculture, tourism, services, and pensioners sectors. It was founded on February 14, 2001, by various entrepreneur associations that came together with the aim of forming a single organization for small entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in various economic and productive sectors.

F.A.P.I. has monitored changes in Italian society, addressing significant social phenomena such as the growth of the elderly population, the emergence of new poverty and marginalization, the increase in immigration, changes in the labor market, territorial imbalances, and the issues these phenomena bring with them.

The F.A.P.I. project was created to support small businesses which, despite being the main driver of economic and productive development in Italy, are affected by decisions that favor large economic and financial groups. Hence, there is an immediate need to create a social bloc composed of self-employed workers and micro-enterprises.


Via Fiuggi 33, City: Milano, Province: MI,


+39 328.3263713





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