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Expo Dubai: Italian Pavilion moves towards completion


The Italian Expo Commissariat announces: With the central part of the skywalk, over 20 meters long, the structural part of the works for the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai is moving towards completion.
He explains: “At the end of a spectacular night operation between blue and green lights, the caisson that constitutes the main element of the suspended visit route has been placed in the structure that from 1 October 2021 will show the world, in the first major post-pandemic event , how much better Italy can offer in terms of innovation and sustainability “.
The structures of the sand dune, which will host about 2,000 square meters of exhibition space and on the structures of the Belvedere dome, the Teatro della Memoria and the immersive ramp of over 70 meters which represents the last part of the exhibition itinerary, have already been completed.
The next steps in the construction of the Italian Pavilion, designed by Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota, Matteo Gatto and F&M Ingegneria, foresee the construction of the roof, the roofing catenaries and the installation of the hulls, whose installation on the site will start from the month of September.
All work on the site continues in strict compliance with the safety and spacing measures imposed by covid-19 also in the UAE with periodic meetings to update workers on Health and Safety issues.

Source ANSA.it


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