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Expo 2020: Italian Pavillion as an example of sustainability


The Italian Pavilion, which will take place at Expo Dubai on October 1st 2021, will be in the spirit of sustainability.

Proof of this will be the use of removable, reusable or alternative materials and no recourse to unnatural air conditioning methods. As the designers Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota tell us, the Italian Pavilion, whose roof made up of three overturned hulls will constitute the largest flag in the history of our country, will be an example of the new post-covid architecture: “A laboratory to experiment on fundamental issues, to rethink the frontier between natural and artificial “.

The Italian excellences in the construction field will do their utmost to create the structure in the most ecological way possible, for example using recycled plastic from the oceans and flour obtained from algae, grown inside the pavilion capable of purifying the air, transforming the anhydride carbon in oxygen. Given the post-covid situation, Expo Dubai will be the first to use the ‘hybrid’ one as an event model, accessible in presence and digitally, capable of striking all the senses of visitors with its architecture even remotely.

Elaboration by IICUAE on source Repubblica.it


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