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Ecolibrì and the R.I.T University of Dubai for a greener future.


Ecolibrì is pleased to announce the stipulation of a partnership with the RIT university- Rochester Institute of Technology – in Dubai for the installation of a 10kW vertical axis turbine prototype and an Ecosphera. Through its representation in the United Arab Emirates – Sharaf Future – an agreement has been reached with the prestigious University for the installation of a 10kW wind turbine which will provide the energy efficiency necessary for the Campus for its activities. To accompany the partnership, Ecosphera will also be set up in the external spaces of the university, used as a space for workshops and classrooms. The agreement was signed in recent days in the presence of Dot. Felipe Carneiro Head of strategic and legal development of Ecolibrì, of the President of the RIT University, and of Prof. Ghalib Kahwaji Rector of the Chair of Mechanics and project manager, with the delivery of a plaque to celebrate the collaboration. Strengthened by the positive experience achieved with the Milan Polytechnic for the design of the 10kW wind turbine, we are pleased to continue collaborating with another prestigious university, further pursuing the Ecolibrì internationalization process which identifies the Middle Eastern markets as highly strategic for your business development.


Ecolibrì srl is a company founded in 2016 operating in the renewable energy sector, with a specific focus on wind & solar power. The company is a division of A.C.E. srl specialized – for more than 50 years – in the production of industrial electronic wiring. The headquarters of the operational and production company is in Agrate Brianza – Italy, as well as another commercial headquarters with showrooms and offices in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Sales offices are also present in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, represented by Sharaf Future.

On the African continent, in Mozambique with a commercial representative office where Ecolibrì also boasts a synergistic collaboration with the Coral Lodge in Mozambique. The vertical axis Ecolibrì wind turbine has an irrelevant environmental impact, even in contexts where it is installed in multiple units. One of a kind, it can be painted in different colors to better integrate with the surrounding environment. The advantage of the vertical axis wind turbine is that it produces energy with the wind coming from all directions, has a very low noise level, in addition to not presenting theft risks, having a very low impact on land occupation (plinth + electrical panel).  Ecosphera, the removable home of Ecolibrì, is instead the perfect «Glamping» solution for personal/public use that is aimed at private individuals, accommodation facilities, public venues, associations, etc. Solutions from 12 to 315 m2 with the possibility of «On-Grid» & «Off-Grid» installations, which can be completed with Ecolibrì solar energy products, to produce hot water, solar air conditioners, electricity supply via solar system and batteries, solutions for an authentically «green» choice.

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