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UAE: Which opportunities for the Italian companies – Milan, 29th of May 2019

EAU: Quali opportunita' per le imprese italiane - Milano, 29 Maggio 2019

On the 29th of May it has been taking place the Seminar “UAE: Which opportunities for the Italian companies”, organized in collaboration with the IICUAE Representative 2019, Avv. Giorgia Ranzi.

Works started with the introduction by the  coordinatior, Avv. Marco Mannino.

The first speech has been done by the Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, Silvano Martinotti, which has brought the institutional welcome to the 35 attending companies. Following this, the Country Presentation by the Secretary General, Mauro Marzocchi, followed in turn by the speeches of Saftar Alam on the principals of Islamic finance, of the IICUAE Representative Avv. Giorgia Ranzi which talked about the basis of the legal system of the UAE and, at the end, by the speech of Avv. Luciana Tullia Bertoli and Avv. Annamaria Ranieri on the basis concerning international taxation system.

At the end of the Seminar there has been done on a depth debate with the attending entrepreneurs and in particular they have developed themes such customs, transportation, local distributors and local infrastructures,.

At the end of the works, around 8PM, an amazing Aperitivo has been offered to the attenders.