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Dubai Internet City, the Technological Hub In Constant Expansion


Dubai Internet City (DIC) is expected to strengthen its position as a regional hub for new era tech companies, according to its senior official. Chief Executive Ammar Al Malik said the largest tech hub in the region and will also remain an active place for the tech ecosystem and startups, as well as a magnet for global tech players who have their regional headquarters in la free zone. Thanks to its world-class infrastructure, access to incubators and the availability of smart finance. “We are happy to see that DIC has a sustainable ecosystem with more investment in and out, reflecting a healthy ecosystem. Even during the height of the pandemic and lockdown, DIC has remained in a vibrant and active place. DIC is home to 1,600 companies. technologies including some of the biggest names in the world such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco Systems and Tata Consultancy Services, among others. “In the first half of 2020, we had investments in our In5 Tech startup platform … everyone wants a piece of technology now, “Malik said during the interview. DIC continues to look to new markets such as the US, China, India and Europe.” We’ve gone light years ahead in terms of digital adaptation and transformation and assessments made before the coronavirus such as cloud computing assessment and the growth of digital transformation. Previously, companies announced that 30% of their budget will be used for digital transformation. I am excited to know what these numbers are now in the Covid-19 post. We are very optimistic about 2021, when these dark clouds will fade, “Malik said during the interview. The DIC chief believes Dubai will strengthen its position as a hub for new era technologies and attract more human capital from around the world. , as well as artificial intelligence universities in the UAE will create more talent in this field. “The Golden Visa will also support and attract global talent. This is crucial because the companies located here must have the best talent in the world, “he added.

Edited by IICUAE on Source Khaleej Times


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