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Dubai Expo 2020

What is DUBAI EXPO2020?

Expo 2020 Dubai is the Universal Exposition to be held in the United Arab Emirates from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 and is the first Universal Exposition to be held in an Arab country.


Expo Dubai will talk about OPPORTUNITIES – unlocking the potential of individuals and communities to create a better future, MOBILITY – innovative systems of logistics, transport and communication of people, goods and ideas, SUSTAINABILITY – accessibility and resilience of environmental, energy and water resources.

OPPORTUNITIES: New possibilities for people and communities to become successful collaborators for the future. Aim for the interconnection between people and businesses as a factor in social and economic development.

MOBILITY: Create smarter and more productive connections, both physical and virtual. Focus on people and goods mobility strategies, tools and infrastructures.

SUSTAINABILITY: Pursuing progress without compromising the needs of future generations. Focus in particular on sustainable production and the consumption of energy and water.

For six months Dubai will be transformed into a world showcase where the 200 participating countries will present the best of their ideas, projects, exemplary and innovative models in the field of tangible and intangible infrastructures on the themes of the Universal Exposition.

The EXPO2020 headquarters will be built on a 438-hectare site located in the Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Calls and Tenders

It is possible to directly follow the calls and tenders regarding the Italian Pavilion.

As for the calls and opportunities on Expo for foreign Pavilions, it is necessary to register at portale di marketplace.