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Dubai beats itself: the new tallest hotel in the world will exceed 360 meters


Despite the global tourism crisis, the city of the Persian Gulf continues to churn out monstrous projects: the Ciel Tower, ready in 2023, replaces the Gevora hotel, which the Emirati metropolis opened just 2 years ago. 360.4 meters high.

Dubai challenges itself. And aims to change, once again, the city skyline, building a new skyscraper that will make you dream of touching (but really) the sky with your finger. It seems absurd to talk about it in times of lockdown and social distancing. Even if we talk about the future, 2023 to be exact the year in which the structure should be operational. But the metropolis of the Persian Gulf seems to want to look ahead.

Dubai is not new to dizzying challenges, just look at the famous Burj Khalifa (828 meters), followed in the city by Marina 1 (425 meters) and Princess Tower (413 meters). The latest idea will be called Ciel Tower and will be the tallest hotel in the world. The new construction, in fact, for only 4 meters will exceed the record of the Hotel Gevora in height, inaugurated in 2018 also in the city, along Sheikh Zayed Road, and which currently holds the highest hotel scepter on the planet, registered in the Guinness World Records with its 75 floors spread over 356.33 meters (be careful though: this title is only for hotels that occupy an entire skyscraper, otherwise the tallest hotel would be the Rosewood in Guangzhou, which occupies the top 39 floors of the CTF Finance Center, reaching the stellar height of a height of 530 meters.

Ciel Tower will be located a few kilometers away from the Gevora, in the glittering district of Dubai Marina, the most fashionable area of ​​the capital and the most popular with tourists, thanks to modern and luxurious buildings, beaches equipped with all amenities, great restaurants and a pedestrian promenade dotted with rows of palm trees where you can stroll among boutiques, bars and clubs.

Developed by The First Group, which has already promoted several dream hotels in the Emirates, the design of the new record-breaking hotel bears the signature of one of the most renowned architectural firms in the world, the Londoners NORR, the same – so to speak – that they have signed previous multimillion dollar jobs, such as the famous Atlantis The Palm hotel.

For Ciel Tower, the English studio has provided 1,209 rooms and suites, divided between the 82 floors of the structure, with a long series of services dedicated to guests, from the splendid spa to the business lounge or the ultra modern gym. But needless to say, given the height, the highlight will be the terrace with a view, which will have a panoramic bridge, a real observatory made of glass with a 360 degree view of the areas of Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah and the Persian Gulf . In addition to several balconies, spacious sea view belvedere where you can relax among the skyscrapers and the sparkling surrounding architecture, on the immense rooftop there will also be space for a cocktail bar, two international restaurants (the hotel will have four in all) and an infinity pool among the highest in the world, where you will have the impression of swimming in the clouds.

An important project therefore, which has already grossed several prestigious awards in the world of leisure architecture, from the International Property Awards to the Best International Hotel Architecture, the Best Hotel Architecture Arabia and the Best High-rise Architecture Arabia. To sleep among the stars in the glittering Ciel Tower you will have to wait for 2023.

Source: La Repubblica.it