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Dubai and UAE, Business Opportunities for Companies and Accountants


On Thursday 30 June from 5 pm to 7 pm, The ODCEC Foundation of Trani, will host the event “Dubai and UAE, Business Opportunities for Companies and Accountants”.

The event aims to deepen the theme of the potential of the UAE market for local companies, the sectors and products of greatest interest, the methods of access to the Emirati market and any facilitations for investments and commercial development.

The internationalization process is increasingly important for companies that, even in the case of SMEs, are constantly looking for new and profitable market opportunities.  The events of the last three years have led to important changes in international markets: opportunities, methods of access and development, risk factors are to be re-evaluated.

There is, therefore, the need to “prepare” the enterprise for the new conditions of the international market, since it requires new and more substantial organizational and financial skills, specific skills and systems of reliable relations.

In the Gulf region, the UAE certainly deserves special attention, for several reasons:

– due to their strategic position, they represent an outlet market for our exports throughout the Arab world, a crossroads of trade relations with Asia and Africa and therefore a gateway to other strategic markets

because they are among the most prosperous economies in the Middle East with a trade regime that is one of the most liberal in the Gulf, resulting in a strong ability of the country to attract foreign capital and a very favorable business climate

– for the propulsive thrust resulting from the echo of Expo Dubai 2020

because it is a multicultural society, ready and willing to develop business.

The event will also be attended by the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, Mauro Marzocchi with an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and criticalities of the Emirati market for Apulian companies and Dr. Francesco LEONE, Chartered Accountant registered with the ODCEC Trani and Certified Consultant for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

To participate in the event it is necessary to register on the FPCU portal (ODCEC Members only). Participation is free. CONTACT PERSONS: Giuseppe DI LIDDO – Director of Training / Valeria TANGARO – Head of the Secretariat.

Participation in the event is valid for the purposes of Continuing Professional Training with the acquisition of 1 training credit for each hour of actual presence, until reaching n.ro 2 hours. For the recognition of credits it is necessary to register the presence at the headquarters, at the appropriate desk.